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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Optimizing For The Search Engines

Focus to SEO:

Once you've decided what information you want to provide, you can turn your focus to SEO. Copywriting for the engines requires balance. You never want to sacrifice the reader's experience for the sake of rankings. Stuffing keywords into text is a method that will almost always backfire. Practically no one wants to read an article (or website page) that constantly repeats the same exact terms to the point of extremes.

Cutts also addressed this issue in his blog post, stating that he included keyphrases within his own article and also used similar terms. Cutts made a point of suggesting that we pay more attention to keyphrase use (and the use of variations of those keyphrases) than focusing on keyword density.
The Two Most Important Keys

The two "meta-issues" Cutts highlighted in his article were both related to user experience, not to the practice of SEO copywriting.
  • First, pay attention to the content you offer. Always impart useful, concrete knowledge to your reader.
  • Second, study your niche (a.k.a. know your target audience!) and write specifically for the purpose of helping them.

List of Articles:

Why Write an SEO Artilce

Let's start at the beginning. Why write articles to begin with? While having SEO content on your site is a good thing, your first attention should be with offering useful information to your readers. Cutts agrees with this practice and makes a point to discuss why providing relevant, helpful information is important.

If the information isn't helpful, those who visit your site will have little interest in reading it. Yes, if the page ranks highly, it might bring in a bit of traffic. But if visitors take one look at your article then click away, what good have the high rankings done you?

Likewise, if you choose to deliver your article throughout the Internet, it is highly unlikely that others will elect to run your article on their sites. If your work doesn't provide solid information and is poorly written, it will not be considered link-worthy.

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How to write SEO aritcles for readers.

I readed the Google-icon Matt Cutts blog. The title of the blog was, "SEO Advice: Writing useful articles that readers will love."

It is a most one of the thrilling post i ever read. Because it tells what i've been saying for years. Whether you're writing content for a website, an article or any type of SEO copy, you must think of the reader first.

There are so many worthless articles floating around the net these days. Keyword stuffed, useless aiming that was clearly written with the key intent of attempting to rank high. Trying for top rankings is not a bad thing, but the goal of writing seo articles is three fold not one fold:
  • Provide information
  • Rank high when used on your site
  • Increase link popularity.
    'That means the practice must follow the purpose'.

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Web Analytics - Gain More Valuable Customers

Web Analytics is a technology used to diagnose website problems, optimizer server performance, monitor search engine queries and analyse visitor behaviors for effective marketing and online reach building. Further, web analytics can be used to increase user experience of the website by collecting statistical information about the site loading time and error logs.

In this day of competitive search engine marketing and advertising, web analytics plays a crucial role in making strategic decisions. By studying the abandonment rate in e-commerce, search marketers get instant feedback in resolving such issues immediately. Moreover, it enables website owner to have total control over their online business by effectively implementing customer-focused design and navigation.

It has never been so easier to publish contents on the web as it is now. Thanks to the advancement of the technology. While the technology helps the content production, we should not forget that it is ultimately targeted for the users like you and me. Thus the need to understand user behavior and present information suitable for them.

For online business owner and search marketers, Web analytics could be one of the most powerful way to connect with your visitors, understand their needs, and convert the visits into ultimate purchase. By enabling your users with good experience, you gain more valuable customers everyday.

Popular Web Analytics Tools

Raise Your Page Rank In Search Engines Through Link Building

Page Rank is Google’s measure of importance assigned to a web page on a scale of 1 to 10. You can check the Page Rank value of any page by downloading the Google Toolbar. Initially, most of these search engines relied on meta tags to classify the relevance of websites based on keywords in the tags. But, with time, search engine results became cluttered with sites that spammed their content with relevant keywords but displayed poor content for the visitor.

This threatened the very essence, credibility and importance of search engines. The founders of Google evolved a formula called Page Rank (named after one of Google�s founder Larry Page) where the algorithm would count the number of sites that link to a page and assign it an importance score on a scale of 1-10. More the number of sites that link to a page, higher its Page Rank.

One-way linking:
One way inbound links are your links mentioned by the other websites, without your linking to them. On a website, each individual page acquires link popularity based on the pages that link to it. It�s difficult to obtain one-way link, but good, solid content on the website and ensure it.

Reciprocal linking:
It is an agreement between two websites to exchange links with each other, in order to boost ranking throughout any search engine.

Three way linking:
In this, the first website links to a second site, the second site links to a third, and then the third site links to the first one.

Top Travel Meta Search Engines

“While viral growth in traffic lowers marketing costs and has been important in fuelling Kayak’s rise, Meta Search Engines must invest heavily in online marketing to maintain the now multi-million consumer volume that is reaching their sites on a monthly basis,” Saks, Compete.