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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Google Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Technology

The recent changes at Google SERPs have brought a focus on LSI: Latent Semantic Indexing among the many seo professionals and business owners. It is an approach to understanding keywords in the context of the words on the entire webpage.

In addition to relying on keywords on a web page, Google now applies LSI technology to identify the words that has relevancy to one another. For example, LSI can discover relevancy between the words ‘Iraq’, ‘George Bush’ and ‘Saddam Hussein’ for the search term ‘iraq war’.

For LSI, Context is the King. Next time, when you optimize a page, make sure that you focus on relevancy and context.


I think , therefore i may be said...

It is high time that LSI is used. One of the troubling points for me is that the current seo madness and the simple way google exerts so much influence over even content through the keyword madness. When people start writing based on what is searched and contorting the content to be search engine friendly thn something is wrong. It is the search engine that needs to contort itself to find true value and present it.

Google has tried its best to find high relevance and in the process either inadvertently or (more likely scenario-) cleverly created an ecosystem that will bloat its adwords revenue belly.

authors and publishers should instead focus on high relevance content publishing and let the search engines do their work instead of us morphing to serve the search engines.

You design a table to help you eat comfortably and not the other way around

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